Who are we?

Humble Pet Products Pty Ltd is a small, Melbourne based company. Our goal is to provide the best care and service to our customers and most importantly, their pets! 

We strongly believe pets are part of the family. We love our furry families so much, we try to include them in everything we do! In fact our own logo is made up of our company founders 3 dogs and cat! Dino (Blue Heeler), Chester (Rough Collie), Gracie (Sheltie) and of course, Pepper (Sassy Cat).

As a company, we firmly believe in "Adopt Don't Shop". There are unfortunately so many dogs, cats, small animals (you name it) in adoption centers, waiting for their forever homes everyday. So we have decided our purpose is to donate 10% of our proceeds to animals in need. How do we do this? Who does it go to? Well, our very own customers decide. 

That's right. YOU! 

Once a month you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite animal charity to receive our donation. Find out more about this here

As we are a small company, our range is starting off small too. But as we grow our range will grow too! We cant wait to continue on this journey with our furry family and customers like you.



Dino, Gracie and Chester - The Three Musketeers