Help Us Help Them

At Humble Pet Products, we firmly believe in "Adopt Don't Shop". Unfortunately there are so many dogs, cats, small animals (you name it) across adoption centers Australia wide, just waiting for their perfect furrever family to come and find them. Our team here may not be able to do everything to help them... But we'll give it a red hot go! 

Our purpose as Humble Pet Products is to donate 10% of our proceeds to animal charities in need. How do we find these charities? Well... by our devoted animal loving customers. 

We want to give our customers, YOU, the opportunity to be able to vote for your favourite animal charity. By using social media, we will post a poll for Charity suggestions and votes. The Animal Charity with the most amount of votes by the time voting has closed, will receive 10% of our proceeds for that period. 

Animal Charities are not eligible to receive the donation if they won the prior periods donation. We want to keep this fair and to make sure we reach as many charities possible. :) 

Happy voting! 

Dino - Adopted from Australian Working Dog Rescue. And one very spoilt puppy.