ADVANCE Adult Dog Weight Control

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ADVANCE™ Weight Control is a complete and balanced food designed for less active dogs or those prone to obesity that may benefit from a reduced daily calorie intake. ADVANCE Weight Control is appropriately supplemented with vitamins and minerals to ensure adequate intake at reduced calorie level.

*Sold in a tray of 12 cans

Typical Analysis: Per 100g / Per 1000kcal Crude Protein: 6.30% / 94.4g Crude Fat: 3.90% / 58.2g Zinc: 0.01% / 116mg Linoleic acid: 1.00% / 14g Average Metabolisable Energy 110 kcal/100g.

Ingredients: Chicken; Lamb; Rice; Gelling Agents; Vegetable  Oil; Minerals; Vegetable Fibre; Vitamins; Taurine; Antioxidants. No preservatives added.