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SavourLife is a family-owned, Australian company inspired by a love for dogs and a desire to make a difference. They make natural, delicious and Australian-made treats for dogs and donate 50% of their profits to pet rescue organisations; helping them save and re-home abandoned dogs.
SavourLife’s Australian made treat range has something for everyone! Whether it be crunchy biscuits, dental bars or meaty strips, to ultra-long lasting chews and veggie delights. Their whole range is Australian-made and there are absolutely no artificial flavours or colours.

Typical Analysis: Protein (min) 70%, Fat (min) 1%, Crude fibre (max) 1%, Salt (max) naturally occurring 1.5%

Ingredients: 100% Australian goat horn with marrow

Please note this is a natural product and varies in size and shape between each piece. Before use ensure that this horn is the appropriate size for your dog and that it can't be swallowed whole or that pieces cannot be swallowed. Do not leave your dog unsupervised while enjoying this treat, as any item, or piece of this item, that can be swallowed whole may be harmful and/or represent a choking hazard. Remove the horn from your dog if it reduces in size (or breaks into pieces) through chewing to become a choking, or other potential, hazard from swallowing.